Moss Masterpiece Ghosty| Storm Moss
Moss Masterpiece Ghosty| Storm Moss
Moss Masterpiece Ghosty| Storm Moss
Moss Masterpiece Ghosty| Storm Moss
Moss Masterpiece Ghosty| Storm Moss
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Moss Masterpiece Ghosty| Storm Moss

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One day, as I fiddled with clay- all the while gazing at paint I'd used on an earlier Ghosty- I shaped and molded it together with the paint, and the result was legendary!

Welcome everyone to the Moss Masterpieces series! Let's give it a warm reception here at The Orphanage!
As I worked the paint, I overworked and dried out the clay. It started to crack and I rushed into panic. Then I recalled the Chinese custom of mending any ceramic, stone, or glass with gold. Making something exquisite by filling in the cracks was precisely what I required- and it truly inspired me. So if you find any cracks on the Ghosty, no, you did not see them!

Their quirks are artfully unique - just like a masterpiece!

This part of the line-up is for my…Stormy family!!!

I urge you to welcome your flaws and let your inner sparkles shine through.

Each Ghosty is crafted with care, sculpted from air-dry clay, and painted with love. Before sealing with an acrylic finish, they are adorned with glowing layers that shine bright in the dark. Every one is a unique, hand-signed masterpiece!

Looking for an enchanting Ghosty to make your own? Head over to the Keni's Kraftinz's "Ghosty Post" for more info on custom orders - and make your dreams a reality!

 Prices of Ghostys can and will vary for millions of different reasons as everything I sell, I handmake. I thank you for not only your understanding, but for the support of my art. 

 Do not be afraid to let me know of any questions, comments, concerns at:
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