💚!!About Keni's Kraftinz!!💚

 Hello! And Welcome to Keni's Kraftinz!  I am your host, Keni! A genderfluid, 23-year-old artist, who is blossoming into the person they always dreamed they'd be! 
 This all started when I was working retail during the big boom of Rugtok on TikTok. And if you've been here a minute you'd know this was supposed to be for just rugs. Which I do still hope to branch off into one day, but I finally have found a brand!
 My love for the strange & special!! If it weren't for my looking into rug making, and ordering the wrong fabric for a frame. I wouldn't have thought of the now-beloved Ghostys. I first ordered my clay to sculpt an Oogie Boogie as the fabric I had, had a perfect texture. The shape of his head made my significant other say "That looks like a Victorian ghost." and just like that Grey Top Hat Ghosty was born! 
 I first started sculpting in 3rd grade, it was the only thing that made sense to me then. The auditory instruction, mixed with the hands-on was the only thing I could do then. I struggled hard with reading and writing until middle school, and even then I never had a true art class. I had a revolving electives system. With Graphic Arts as the only thing close. But that was all digital. And for one quarter. 
 But because of that, I found my love for words and thought of myself as quite the poet. Even hid poems around the school, all the teachers had a meeting and they decided to do a poem wall in the language arts hall. I had inspired a good amount of the kids I grew up with to expand their complex middle school emotions into anonymous poems. That I would say was the first instance of my love of the strange. 
 In High School I found myself to be more of an actress. After trying to be a chef, but then the best teacher for that course left at the end of my Sophomore year. I was the top Theatre and Acting class kid for 3/4 years of my HS career. (Freshman year was awkward for me so I barely did anything), but, I was also the Drama Club president for my Sophomore & Junior years. There wasn't a play I wasn't a part of in any way shape or form. And I tried lifting every family given to me by each casting. It expanded my confidence, and I do want to go back onto the stage sometime. But that was another instance of something strange but special forming me as the person that I am today.
 If it weren't for my whole life is intertwined with art, from the moment I was created by two music-obsessed, theatre kids, I probably wouldn't be anything like I am today. Obsessed with challenging myself in any creative way possible. And that is EXACTLY what Keni's Kraftinz is supposed to be. The creative challenges I give myself, doing my best every step of the way. I would say I have changed, but I haven't. If it's art, I will hone in on it. No matter what form it may be.
 If you appreciate the strange and special almost as much as I do, you have found a friend in this strange artist. I hope to inspire those who wish the challenge themselves in the same way. I hope to ensure you do not feel alone if you're the type of person to want to branch off from norms, whatever they may be to you. I hope to grow with you. 
 I thank you for reading this far into this, and if you haven't checked out the rest of my site PLEASE do so, maybe buy some of my art and make me bawl my eyes out! If you are a creator, keep creating. Keep challenging yourself. Show everyone who doesn't understand, that they don't have to, to support you unconditionally as some stranger does. If you have an idea, work on it, feed it, only let it go if it hurts you in the long run. 
And stay strange and special, because, with every waking moment I spend, I spend fighting for folks like us. 
 Remember you are loved, you are seen, you will grow, you will be okay.
And you are NEVER alone.
Although I am some stranger you may message or call me whenever you like about whatever you like at:
                                                  (727) 282-4124
                            With as much love as one can muster electronically!!!!
                                             -Keni of Keni's Kraftinz