Bitten Treat Ghostys
Bitten Treat Ghostys
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Bitten Treat Ghostys

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Every sweet treat you've ever tasted will eventually be shaped by me, with my own bite on them.

Why? Who knows.

I couldn't stand taking a nibble of these two.

The material I use is air-dry-clay and it's totally safe and non-toxic!

Yet such a wretched taste lingers.

Haunted by their animosity, I seek respite from certain destruction.

These treats are certainly aiming to trick me...

Adopt these grudge holding ghouls before I reach my enviable demise by candy.



Every Ghosty is handmade, sculpted from clay and carved by me. They're painted with glow-in-the-dark acrylics and held together by Acrylic Seal. As they go to you, after signing away, my only hope is that the calories that went into their making were not wasted.

My Orphaned Ghostys' costs can differ for a wide range of reasons. I make each item by hand, so no two pieces are the same! Photos can't capture the intricate details of the creations, but I appreciate that you understand and support my art. Thank you!
Please dont be afraid to contact me directly for any questions, comments or concerns! 
The Purple chat bubble in the right bottom hand corner, is a direct line to me!
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