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Ghosty Post Keni's Kraftinz remains

The Ghosty Orphanage of Keni's Kraftinz!
👋🏻 Hello there and welcome to today's Ghosty Post! 👻
I am Mama Ghosty to some, & your host Keni! 
Who is beyond excited to FINALLY disclose what you all have been waiting for!
The remains of our first con!
By the time this is up for your eyes to read everything should be up!
So please, check out absolutely everything you can!
Get what you can while it's still marked down, you never know what'll sit here,
& who's gonna adopt what!!
So if it's love at first sight, you better lock in that bad boy!
Adopt by clicking on the photo of The Orphanage above this section!
Keep in mind when you are adopting Ghostys, you can send me a message in the lil chat bubble or if there's a notes section, you can tell me what name you'd like.
Otherwise I'll put the name you see here!
I hope you enjoy this mini drop!
I personally think if you love Cheddar Cheese Ghosty, you should get him. 
Only because he's cute...
That's the only reason...
Not at all that...
🧀👇🏻👇🏻Check him out down below!!👇🏻👇🏻👻
If you're waiting on the Space things I have been teasing-
!!!!SO AM I!!!
I am so astonished at what I have already created for what's to come! 
& can say with certainty price changes are going to be happening again, so once again, get everything here marked down while you can!
If you follow me on my snapchat you can see the whole processes, if you want! Or at least most of it!
Please, click the photo below or screenshot this snap code if you're interested!
Keni's Kraftinz on Snapchat
If you're still here, we have a BEAUTIFUL Handmade Haunted House, made entirely out of recycled cardboard boxes!
A perfect place for your Ghosty to Haunt in a home, within your home! 
Click the exclusive to the Ghosty post photos below to check out that listing!
Handmade Haunted House exclusive to Ghosty Post Pic #1
Handmade Haunted House exclusive to Ghosty Post Pic #2
I hope you all enjoy this and all that's to come!
If you're waiting on customs information I am in the process of wrestling with the new plans, so as soon as I know, you shall! 
But, with as much love one can muster electronically
-Keni our resident artist & Orphanage Director of Keni's Kraftinz LLC 2023
& Blog Writer Extraordinaire

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